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Luminest was awarded an IMPACT Grant for Property Rehabilitation that will bring much needed Reentry Housing to the County!


In December, the Franklin County Commissioners awarded more than $10 million to 127 nonprofit, municipal and municipal authority projects across Franklin County through the IMPACT! Grant program. Funds will be used to support local recovery efforts in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier today, the Commissioners presented certificates to these IMPACT! Grant recipients for their respective projects:

- Historical Society of Path Valley, PA: $50,000 for facility improvements

- Rhodes Grove Camp and Conference Center: $72,000 for facility improvements

- Rocket Totes Inc.: $25,000 for Basic Needs food program

- First Start Partnerships for Children and Families: $100,000 for curriculum and child care equipment

- Chambersburg Rod and Gun Club: $50,000 for facility improvements

- Franklin County Fair Chambersburg, PA: $100,000 for electrical system upgrades

- Hearthstone Retirement Home & In-Home Care Services: $60,000 for facility improvements

- Luminest Community Development: $130,418 for rehabilitation of a property for reentry housing

For more information on the IMPACT! Grant program, award recipients and projects, visit http://bit.ly/3M4ROgy